Window tinting adds security, protection and adds style to any vehicle.


Car Window Tinting

Protect against UV rays, keep cool & add a great style

There are many benefits which come with tinting your cars windows. Yes, it is a visual enhancement and improves the look of your vehicle but it also offers many other security and safety features!

Benefits of Window Tinting

Window Tints will block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. This means that on hot days your car will feel cooler inside than if you didn’t have the Tint. Overall you will feel less heat penetrate through the glass into your car and it will also reduce the glare coming from the sun which will be beneficial if you have young children or dogs.

There are also other safety aspects.  Having your windows tinted will reduce the possibility of someone looking inside your car for valuables to steal as they won’t be able to see what’s inside the car. If they can’t see anything to steal it will help deter them from breaking in.  Window tint film is a one-way film so you can see out of the vehicle but no one can see in!

Car Window Tints

In an event of a crash, Window Tint is designed to stop the window from shattering. This will stop any shards of glass flying around which will be a benefit for anyone who may be sitting inside the car in the event of an accident. Window Film will hold the glass in place during the crash.

At Race By Design UK Ltd we only use what we believe to be the best two products on the market which is Xpel and Lumar. These products are very good quality, giving you a brilliant finish when installed and it is also guaranteed to last and withstand the constant use.

UV Protection 99%
Crash glass shattering 5%
Security Increase 50%