A car wrap can transform your car with a complete colour and material change.


Motorbike Wrapping

Motorcycles can be wrapped too

Changing the colour and style of your motorbike has never been easier. Our bike wrapping service is one of the best ways you can customise your vehicle to your personalised taste. The appearance of your vehicle can be completely changed without needing to pay for a costly respray. We have hundreds of colours and finishes so you can achieve your desired look, to make customising your bike easy and quick.

Our staff are professionally trained and are 3M certificated in vehicle wrapping, ensuring that we provide our customers with the highest level of professional service. We also only use what we believe to be the best two wrap manufacturers, 3M and Avery Dennison to ensure not only the quality of our work is of the highest standard, but the products we use are as well.

Before wrapping any vehicle, we ensure fundamental preparation work is carried out. We start with having your motorbike professionally cleaned to ensure the paintwork is ready for the wrap installation. We will then remove any exterior parts, like badges, to ensure we accurately install the wrap to ensure the long-lasting durability of all our wraps. Once the wrap is installed, we’ll ensure any exterior items that we’re removed prior to the installation are placed back on the motorbike. We will then clean the bike to ensure the perfect finish of your newly wrapped motorbike.

Benefits of a vinyl wrap

There are various benefits which come with Vehicle wrapping. Vehicle wrapping allows you to change to colour of your vehicle whilst keeping the original paintwork underneath. Vinyl wraps are easy to remove. Therefore, vehicle wrapping is much more popular than resprays as you’re not affecting the value of the vehicle by changing the original paintwork and can quickly revert to the original paintwork.

Bike Wrap Advantages

  • Enormous amount of colours to choose from.
  • You can quickly revert to original paintwork or have it wrapped again.
  • Original paintwork stays original.
  • Resale value won’t be affected.
  • Cheaper and more efficient than a respray.
  • Endless combinations.
Preparation 20%
Wrap & Material Application 90%
Finishing 100%


Preparation is an essential part of our paint protection and vinyl wrapping process. Before we can add paint protection or a wrap to any vehicle, it must be fully detailed to ensure the bodywork of the vehicle is free from all road dirt and contamination.

Our detailing wash consists of a pre-rinse and snow foam, a deep clean on wheels to remove iron fall out and an exterior wash and dry and full exterior wipe down.

We will also remove badges, wing mirrors and door handles to ensure we can achieve the perfect flawless finish when applying paint protection or a full vinyl wrap.