Custom design motorcycle paint protection kits for all major motorcycle brands. Available online or for professional installation.


Motorbike PPF

Motorbike Paint Protection Film

For many years Race by Design UK Ltd has been involved in the Motorcycle industry.  we are bike owners ourselves and have a passion for bikes. We Template our own patterns and kits to make sure that the appropriate protection is met whilst also making sure the kit is near enough invisible. All motorcycles are cared for properly and always worked on whilst on paddock stands.

Motorcycle PPF Options

There are two options available for all motorcycles, tank kits and full kits, with templates varying in coverage and design on a per bike basis. Each kit is designed to match the bike model 100%, meaning ultimate accuracy and perfect protection location to offer the best protection for your bike. Older models often have less coverage, but the advances in templating quality have seen better templates than ever for newer bike models.

The areas typically covered are:

  • Headlights
  • Side Fairing
  • Nose Fairing
  • Knee Rub
  • Main Tank
  • Side Tank
  • Fender

Leading supplier of Xpel & 3M PPF Kits

As official suppliers and installers of Xpel & 3M VentureSheild Paint Protection film you can be sure that you will get the very best level of workmanship with high attention to detail to give the very best results.

One of the biggest areas of serious paintwork damage can come from stone chips and other small debris that comes from riding your bike regardless if it is on the road or the track. By having Xpel or 3M VentureSheild Paint Protection film fitted to your bike can prevent such damage occurring.

Unlike other fitters who use inferior film that frighteningly is cut on your bike using blades, Race by Design UK only install pre cut, officially patterned sections of Xpel & 3M VentureSheild in our East Grinstead location. This means that not only does your bike get perfectly fitted parts for MAXIMUM protection but also no film is physically cut on your paintwork.

Coverage %

Tank Kit 20%
Full Kit 70%

Popluar PPF Kits

Paint protection for leading motorcycle manufacturers available online