Why We Love Vinyl Wrapping (and Why You Should, Too!)

The life of a vehicle can be shortened when there is paint damage. The weathering of paint can cause rust and other structural damage to the body that will depreciate the value of the vehicle as well as ruin the overall appearance. But there is a solution. Whether a vehicle is in need of a paint refresh or you are looking to protect the vehicle paint, vinyl wrapping is an affordable, non-permanent, and simple solution we love.

The process is very simple. Once you have chosen the best vinyl car wrap shop, the experts will handle the installation of the wrap. Your vehicle will be washed thoroughly to ensure that all dirt, oil, and waxes have been removed. Next they will place the film over your vehicle based on measurements they took of your vehicle and stretch the film over certain areas with curves and other non-flat surfaces. As this is done they will go over the film with a heat gun which adheres the vinyl to your vehicle. The vinyl is made of essentially plastics with a very adhesive backing. Once heated the adhesive becomes active. The car is allowed to cool and your vehicle is set. A 24 hour rest period is recommended to fully allow the adhesive to adhere as high winds could potentially peel back the vinyl if driven too soon. The whole process for a basic car, with average curvature, by professionals, will take about 2 to 2.5 days. The average cost to wrap your vehicle? About half the price as a comparable paint job. What’s not to love about that?

Here are a few other benefits we love about car wrapping to convince you why you should too. To begin you don’t even have to purchase a full wrap. You can choose partial wraps such as roof wraps and wing mirror wraps for added paint protection, or even racing stripes. There are all kinds of unique colours to choose from as well as finishes including matte, semi-gloss, gloss, carbon fiber, matte metallic, chrome, and even leather. With options like these you can create a more personalised and custom design to your vehicle that you just can’t achieve with traditional paint.

Other benefits include repairing damaged areas. Unlike a paint job where expensive colour matching fees are required, vinyl wrapping can simply be re-wrapped where damaged. Also, warranties and lease agreements will not be voided as wraps are 100% removable. They cause no damage to the existing paint. Therefore as well, in the event of resell or trade-in you can simply remove the wrap and have mint condition paint underneath if wrapped soon after initial purchase.

You should love vinyl wraps too if you are looking to preserve your vehicles original paint, refresh the look of your vehicle, or you are simply looking to add some personalised touches to make your vehicle unique. The affordability, simplicity, and customisation of vinyl wraps is why we love them and recommend them over traditional paint applications.


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