Window tinting adds security, protection and adds style to any vehicle.


Light Tinting

Light tinting gives vehicles a slick sporty appearance, whilst also protecting from everyday damage such as stone chips and scratches.

Light Tinting

We can apply either a smoke effect or colour tint to your headlights or taillights. We use a flexible tinting film that can be easily applied by our professionally trained team.

The tinted films are applied once your lights have been thoroughly cleaned to ensure dirt and dust have been removed, this ensures a smooth transition of the tinted film. The film is both durable and waterproof and sealed onto your lights with a heat treatment to make them long-lasting. This method enhances the performance and durability of the tinting and stops the tint from being affected in the rain or when you wash your vehicle.


Vehicle Light Tinting Requirements

Legal requirements that must be upheld when tinting lights. In the UK, lights cannot be dimmed more than 50% and must still retain the original colour of the light, white or yellow for headlights and red for taillights. They must also illuminate the road ahead and give warning to road users behind you when you brake or reverse.

When we install light tinting on any vehicle, with work within these requirements to ensure our customers are kept safe on the road, but can still enjoy their light tints.

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UV Protection 99%
Crash glass shattering 5%
Legal Requirement 50%