A car wrap can transform your car with a complete colour and material change.


Vinyl Wraps

Full colour change, matte wraps to carbon fibre vinyl

Fancy Changing the colour your vehicle without making any permanent changes? Vehicle Wrapping is one of the best ways you can customise your vehicle to your taste.

Colour Wraps can let your imagination run wild as you can choose from hundreds of different colours and various finishes. Colour changes gives you the opportunity to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. This allows you to have your desired car in your desired colour.

Over the past 8 years we have used many different products and manufacturers and have narrowed down what we believe to be the best two manufacturers which are 3M and Avery Dennison. All our staff are 3M Certificated in Vehicle Wrapping. We are Highly trained and up to date with all the new tools and fitting techniques.

Preparation work is the fundamental aspect which separates the good jobs from the bad. We prep any cars the way they should with making the sure the vehicle is professionally cleaned and valeted first making sure all the paintwork is ready for an installation. We will proceed to remove door handles, wing mirrors, badges or anything that will stop us from having a flawless finish. By removing any parts, you will find the wrap will not only look better but will have a longer life span.

3M Car Vinyls

The market leader in car wrapping, with the largest catalogue, longest time in market and biggest budget. These premium films are extremely high quality and cannot really be faulted, although professional wrappers each have their preference based on the wrapping process and colours available.

Xpel Ultimate & Stealth

Although primarily paint protection films, Xpel products are widely used as car wrapping vinyls, especially Stealth with its properties changing any colour vehicle from gloss to matte, whilst offering the same strength PPF as Xpels other protection films.

Avery Dennison

A leading manufacturer, with a wide range of colours and finishes available, often considered the favoured brand for vehicle wraps within the industry due to the conformability and ease to work with for the professionals.

Benefits of a vinyl wrap

There are various benefits which come with Vehicle wrapping. Vehicle wrapping allows you to change to colour of your vehicle whilst keeping the original paintwork underneath. Vinyl wraps are easy to remove. Therefore, vehicle wrapping is much more popular than resprays as you’re not affecting the value of the vehicle by changing the original paintwork and can quickly revert to the original paintwork.

Car Wrap Advantages

  • Enormous amount of colours to choose from.
  • You can quickly revert to original paintwork or have it wrapped again.
  • Original paintwork stays original.
  • Resale value won’t be affected.
  • Cheaper and more efficient than a respray.
  • Endless combinations.
Preparation 20%
Wrap & Material Application 90%
Finishing 100%