Use paint protection film to increase longevity of your car

Increase The Longevity Of Your Car With PPF

You’ve finally done it! You’ve purchased that expensive car that you have been saving for or you have finally finished rebuilding that classic car that you have been working on for last few years and now you are looking for ways to make that car look it’s best for as long as possible. One way you can increase the Longevity of your car is with paint protection film. Also known as PPF or clear bra, paint protection film is a thermoplastic Urethane film that provides a strong, self healing barrier between the elements and your valuable paintwork.

While PPF can be pretty expensive there really is no better way to increase the longevity of your car with PPF unlike many car paint protection kits that provide a thin film for your car that provides minimal protection for your cars paint or finish, PPF is thicker and more durable and when properly maintained will keep your car looking its best and improving the longevity of your cars exterior including:

  • Bird droppings that contains acid that can burn through the paint of your car.
  • Tree sap which is difficult to remove from your car and also contains paint eating acid.
  • Road salt which corrodes of paints and metals and can result in rust and pitting and shorten the life of your cars exterior.
  • UV rays from the sun that results in the fading and removal of your cars paint.
  • Chemicals in the environment which can corrode your paint and the metal of your car.

In addition to preventing damage to your car’s exterior, PPF also makes maintaining your car much easier in the following ways.

  • PPF repels dust, bugs, and other debris and makes what does remain on your cars surface much easier to remove. Washing your car becomes a much easier and faster than without using Paint protection film keeping even tree sap from sticking to surface making it easier to remove.
  • PPF also helps you keep your car clean through washings. Paint Protection Film actually helps you keep your car clean between washings. Just a clean dry cloth run over your cars surface will remove any dust and dirt from your cars paint leaving it cleaner and brighter even between washings.

How PPF Protects Your Car From the Environment

You may be wondering how PPF protects your car from environmental damage. It is actually pretty simple. PPF creates a barrier, sealing in the good and shutting out the bad, preventing moisture from getting in, which overtime will cause corrosion and eventually rust.

It also reflects the sun rays from your cars surface which helps to reduce fading of the paint and other sun damage to your cars surface. It also reduces the effects of different elements helping to prevent the nicks, scratches and other problems these elements may cause.

You can choose to have PPF applied to your entire car or those parts that are most subject to damage. This allows you to both increase the longevity of your car and help keep the cost of applying PPF to your cars surface within a reasonable cost for your budget.

While PPF may not be for everyone, it is well worth it for keeping your car looking good and functioning longer than with just paint alone.



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